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Lifestyle Coaching

Yoga Retreats

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Yoga Classes around Brisbane

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Food and Lifestyle Choices for Optimum Wellbeing

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Workplace Yoga (on or off-site)

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Strength Conditioning with Yoga Postures


Yoga Classes/ Retreats

Our Brisbane Yoga classes are open to all levels. We co-instruct and are able to pay personalized attention to each student. Move Me Yoga Retreats are inspirational and transformative. Rejuvenate and relax in beautiful locations, and cleanse with delicious food. Limited guest availability per retreat allows for a more personalized experience.


Workshops and Events

Brisbane based workshops and events explore a range of topics including yoga, health, diet, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, food preparation, thoughts and emotions, and compassionate living. Inform and empower yourself to improve and enhance your life by making meaningful connections.




Yoga calms the mind and energises the body, helping workplaces to be more productive, intuitive, healthy, and self motivated. Classes are tailored to suit your workplace needs and are open to all levels and abilities. Employees will enjoy centering, breathing, stretching postures, relaxation and focused awareness.


Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Whether it’s improving your health and fitness or re-vamping your life, we’re here to inspire and guide your journey. Our years of life experience speaks volumes. We can help you with food and nutrition, health education, weight loss or gain, exercise guidance, and just about anything you need to enhance your lifestyle.


Move Me Yoga in Brisbane empowers people and workplaces, hosts retreats for holistic health and offers personalised lifestyle coaching.

Sometimes it takes a little something special to motivate people, to inspire them … to Move them.

That’s where we come in! Our passion is helping people, and our aim is to inspire and guide your journey through yoga, food and life. We ignite that spark inside you that says “Yes, go for it!”

We aim to move you on many levels and broaden your perspective – open your mind and heart to amazing possibilities and see you thrive.

Move Me is about healthy, conscious and compassionate living.

We offer yoga classes, retreats, workshops, workplace yoga, lifestyle coaching, fitness and food. We can also speak at your event, workplace or even visit your kitchen at home. And if there’s something we haven’t listed that you want, let us know!

As former corporate office workers turned Yogis, we’ve journeyed through a myriad of experiences and want to share this with others.

We do all of this because it’s our calling and we love it! Let’s move together.




“Come to the edge.’

‘We can’t. We’re afraid.’

‘Come to the edge.’

‘We can’t. We will fall!’

‘Come to the edge.’

And they came. And he pushed them.

And they flew.”

― Guillaume Apollinaire




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